How to Confront a Child Predator

A lot of people want to know how to confront a child predator. In all honesty, most people would rather confront one with violence rather than be peaceful, however, why go to prison for the rest of your life behind a scumbag child predator? There are ways to confront a child molester legally that will ensure that they get what is coming to them, while you stay safe. In any event of a child getting hurt by an adult always call the police. This way you get the conversation started legally and there will be a record of it.

Confronting a Sexual Predator

Know the Facts before confronting them

Many times people get the wrong information and attack an innocent person because of a miscommunication. You have to know, in fact, that the person preyed on a child. One thing that you could possibly do is ask the person, point-blank without any confusion. “Did you touch this child?” A straight forward question. If they answer “yes” call the police immediately. If they say “no” search for facts, but don’t give up the quest. If a child says that they have been touched, or mistreated in any way it is always a good idea to report it to the police and put a stop to whatever is going on.

Do a Background Check to see if they are a registered sex offender

Any and all convicted sex offenders are required by law to register as a known sexual criminal in the state that they executed their crime. This means that if they were ever convicted of a sex crime, their information will be available to see. If you go through a generic government registry you may only get a small portion of the whole story behind the person. If you run a search through Kids Live Safe, you will be able to get the full arrest history of the person that you are searching about and even be able to see patterns in their life that led up to the present day.

What is Kids Live Safe?

Kids Live Safe is a strong organization that is committed to keeping children safe from sexual predators. Since 2009 common folks like parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and concerned citizens have been relying on the life-saving tools that Kids Live Safe provides for its members. Not only is there the option to run background checks on people, but there is also a great option to stay connected and informed. This way you never feel alone.

You Can Stay Updated About Sex Offenders in Your Area

Kids Live Safe offers an up-to-date alert program that keeps parents and guardians informed about sex offender activity in and around the neighborhood. Sex offenders get released from jails and prisons each day. A child predator could end up moving in next door to you, and you may not even know. Kids Live Safe allows you to sign up for alerts and receive emails when a sex offender moves within 5 miles of you.

Learn More Now

Kids Live Safe was deeply inspired by the story of Megan Kanka, a young girl who was raped and murdered by her neighbor. Nobody wants to have to go through a horrible tragedy like this. Disgusting crimes of this manner can be avoided simply by knowing the facts. Having access to the most powerful and comprehensive databases in the world is an invaluable tool for the concerned parents out there who want to keep their children safe from sexual predators.

Does a Sex Offender Live Near Your Family?

Kids Live Safe: Your Child. Their Saftey. Our Mission.
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